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elodicressida's Journal

6th June, 2008. 9:38 am. Ursula LeGuin fangirliness!

 I LOVE the Dispossessed.  I really, really, truly, am in love with it.  I keep thinking - I should stop here, I should do this, I should read the list of Things I am to Accomplish Today, I should Accomplish.  But it's just another chapter, another 30 pages, 28, 25, 67 - what does it matter!  Oh, it's anthropology, of course, which isn't my field, but that doesn't mean it's not INTERESTING.  And I have always enjoyed LeGuin's books.  But this is not only an interesting comparison, between what I interpret as a working communist society and a capitalist one trying to unite, to get along, but then it goes and adds the intellectuals into it!  The life of thinkers, intelligentsia - and better, physicists!  Throughout all of the interactions, there's physics, it's talking about simultaneity, it's talking about physics, I'm just amazed!  I love it!  Of course there's no actual data, it's all speculation, it's vague ideas, I don't think she's actually a physicist and I think she could do the same talking about a Unified Transmutation Theory of Alchemy, but it's PHYSICS.  It's the ANSIBLE.

And beyond all that, LeGuin is getting the character of the society as it affects an individual, how it gets in their minds, what the other society looks like to them, and yet this individual isn't completely a member of his society in that, even as he embraces their ideas, he's rejecting some of them - he's antisocial.  It's really rather odd.  I can't put it down.  I LOVE it.  It's gorgeous.  It's exciting.  It's brilliant.  And I'm going to go read some more soon.

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14th May, 2008. 4:15 pm. Torchwood angst...

Spoilers.  Muahaha.  Couldn't guess from the subject, could ya?

See, in Exit Wounds, Jack gets buried underground for 1874 years.  That's all well and good.  But when Old Torchwood comes and digs him up, guess what?  His hair is still the same length!  It's driving me nuts.  And I can't even relieve my feelings with a oneshot or even a drabble because my computer shuts down when I use Word.  Hrmph.  How the Camel Got its Hump.  Rudyard Kipling.  Kim, and The White Man's Burden.  Seems rather odd, really, The White Man's Burden and Kim and Just So Stories all being written by the same old-dead-white-guy.

Maybe I'll use Notepad or WordPad or something.  I hate those programs, though.  Mehhhh.  My life runs on graphite and binary code letters!  Don't the omnipotent Them realise this?  I can't write on anything.  Not Jack-gets-a-haircut.  Not Five-Ways-the-Doctor-Met-Torchwood-and-One-Way-He-Didn't.  Not Melkor, although I'd have to zip forward a year or two for that anyway, and at that point he's James and soon to be Raven.  I can't write on anything.

Oh, and Nearth - Page 46.  It's boring and nothing is happening.  I am having the best time ever with that.  Why must things always happen in books?  I liked the first six-or-so chapters of The Good Earth best anyway.  Maybe I'll reread those some time.  Those were the best.

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29th May, 2005. 5:26 pm.

Well, I exist now. As of the first 'W,' I am alive and typing. So - is anyone else? (And did that work?

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